Duke vs Louisville: Who You Got?

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cards There is no denying that the NCAA Tournament Committee gave Duke a gift like none other in their bracket throught the tournament. The Devils have the worst #2 seed in the field, a decent #3 seed and the worse #4 seed, all teams that are not only beatable, but in which the Dukies will be huge favorites. But you know who is in their bracket that could be interesting? The Louisville Cardinals. If the Cards can beat California in the first round, they will have Duke on their platter for round 2, in a rematch of the 1986 title game. If that battle ends up taking place, who would you pull for? On the one hand, you have the Cards...our most hated rival and a fanbase that seems deadset on going after Kentucky in any way possible. On the other hand is Duke, the most annoying fanbase in America that has been gloriously matched with the hardest set of players and coach to root for in the free world. It seems almost destined that the two teams would meet and everyone in the building would be deported to Myanmar. So if the two play, who you got? I would be pulling for the Cards to knock out the better Duke team and to ultimately help the Cats down the road. What about you?

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