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cuff-links-uk Good morning, everyone. There is an early game today, so let's get the weekend started right with a few links:


-I love reading articles about the Wildcats written by our opponents especially when they are heaping praise on our program. GoVolsXtra has a pretty nice article that summarizes our season so far and is fairly complimentary. This Higgins guy gets around.


-In gymnastics news, the #2 ranked University of Alabama team tumble rolled into Memorial last night and vaulted over the #12 ranked Wildcats. I think that uses my allotment of bad puns for the day. Somewhere, Rick Reilly is smiling.


-Looks like the Wildcats are coming in as a 2 point favorite for the game today.


-USA Today tries to paint an unflattering picture of Coach Calipari. Thankfully, ESPN is around to actually report the story with some depth and context. I have now hit my court-mandated compliments quota for the World Wide Leader for the day. I'm knocking these things out early.


-Three Men in a Car are still reporting from the road and will be at the Maryland-Virginia Tech game today at 4 pm. As mentioned on his radio show, it is possible that Tony Kornheiser will be at the game because he is on an ESPN 'vacation' again and is good friends with Maryland coach Gary Williams. If you happen to be watching the game and hear a high-pitched, child-like squeal of joy over the roar of the fans, you can be assured it is audio of Matt Jones meeting his hero. Here is a game preview if you want more info. Personally, I'm not really interested in ACC basketball.


-The American Chronicle reposts a Jerry Tipton article that remembers the Jodie Meeks game against Tennessee.


That looks like a good batch of links for the morning. Since Matt and crew are on the road, we'll be tossing up a couple of chat rooms for the game today. Wireman will be around for a full game recap and I Kate Martin will be your host with the most Hostess for the day. Since tipoff is early, I'll leave you with one of the more creative ad campaigns going. Get yourself a sausage biscuit and chug a big old glass of orange juice to prepare for a wild game at noon:


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