Early Thursday Notes
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Early Thursday Notes

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
twerewtukijkf Its been a long day and I just got back in the city and tomorrow promises to be even longer, so we will do this quick..... -- From Billy Clyde's radio show tonight we find out that more injury news continues to plague the team. Derrick Jasper is now sporting a toe injury that shouldnt keep him out but is nagging. Jodie Meeks missed practice again today and seems to be an on-again, off-again practice player for the next month or so. And now, we have an injury to Joe Crawford that is leading him to play, but have limping problems during practice. The team simply cannot catch a break. -- It looks like Guy Morris will take the job as coach of Boyle County High School....beyond unbelievable to me. I know he has connections to the area, but he coached two BCS schools in recent years. You just never know.... -- The 2008 Recruiting Roundup is being postponed to Friday, mostly due to my lack of sleep. But I am hearing that the search for a big man has heated up. I was told that over the last month, "3 big men" have been on campus that havent been reported on any website, including this one. 2 of those big men are apparently in this class. These guys are so hard to follow....we need some snoops. -- Andy Kennedy and Ole Miss are for real. So the question after watching the Gators, Rebels and Vols over the last couple of nights is how Kentucky will finish in the SEC. My head says 6-10, hy heart says 9-7. I think there are some games that can be taken (such as Saturday against Vandy) that can make up the difference. We will know a lot more Saturday night. -- Antwain Barbour was arrested in Spain for a confrontation with a cop.....no word if he immediately missed a wide open three pointer at the police station. Big day tomorrow.....night night

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