Easy there, Jer'

Easy there, Jer'

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god.gif Today, our favorite recruitsmith, Billy Gillispie, ‘did what he does’, snagging a commitment from Rose Hill phenom Dakotah Euton, even though Euton (reportedly…as of 24 hrs. ago) favored Florida (I’m beginning to think that The Onion is a more reliable source for news than The HL). But this feat cannot be credited to Gillispie and Gillispie alone, oh no. As Jerry Tipton reports on Kentucky.com today, “a reputation for hard work and The Holy Spirit” is what lured Euton to make his Big Blue vow, reaffirming the long-held belief around Kentucky and in 98% of Louisville that indeed, God is a UK fan. This is terrific news, as Kentucky gets in early on an enormously gifted in-stater, pre-shave age. Even better, he seems like a terrific kid with a lot to offer on and off the court, and, he has the essence of a Walton with the accent of a McCoy, which is nothing short of revolutionary. But after reading Tipton’s interview and listening to Euton on The Sport’s Mob today, I have sneaking suspicion where Tipton will go with next week’s Notebook: prompting Vitale to scream, “Hey, where’s Ashley Judd?!” God, Darn It? Did Kentucky commit a violation last week with the commitment of Rose Hill Sophomore Dakotah Euton? Euton, a sturdy 6’7’’ post-player, admitted his decision to choose UK was heavily influenced by God, which could be a possible recruiting violation, according to NCAA spokesperson Celia Harmon, whom I personally contacted and informed. Under NCAA rule, a representative of the school’s athletics interests “shall not contact a recruit with the intent to persuade their thoughts toward said institution.” “What we’ll be looking for here is whether God is interested in UK basketball,” Harmon said. “If we find out that he indeed is, then we might have a violation on our hands.” If you’ll remember five seasons ago, before Tubby Smith was tarred, feathered, and exiled to Minnesota, the NCAA investigated the recruitment of Rashaad Carruth, who admitted that he picked UK after “cheifing a fatty and hearing voices telling me to seek the Bluegrass.” Although Carruth and UK were eventually exonerated by the NCAA, the fragile line between inappropriate contact and divine tete-a-tete is indeed, very slim. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to J.R. VanHoose. VanHoose, the former Paintsville star who was ignored by UK,

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