Eclipse of the Day Wants Tuesday Evening Notes
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Eclipse of the Day Wants Tuesday Evening Notes

Drew Franklinover 4 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


It seems like it's been forever since I've put my misspelled words here on Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com, so allow me to share some grammatically-challenged thoughts from the past couple of days while I've been away on the tour, if you will.   -- The eclipse was awesome, but probably not worth the drive back. As I'm sure you heard, the Western Kentucky Parkway was a disaster. Traffic jams are often described as "parking lots" and this was more like a junkyard of cars piled up on top of each other from Hopkinsville to Elizabethtown and on up 65. It took Ryan and me almost two hours to get across Muhlenberg County alone; then Elizabethtown was the worst thing I've ever seen once we finally got there, over six hours into the trip. The great citizens of Atlanta and Los Angeles would even say it was bad, and that's saying something. Hopefully everyone is finally home and functioning after a disaster of a trip home. -- As for the actual eclipse, seeing the "totality" (that word got a lot of play over the weekend) was incredible. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited going into it, but it was pretty amazing to witness from the point of greatest eclipse in Hopkinsville. On top of that, the city did a great job of welcoming us and all of its other visitors for the weekend, and it seemed to be a pretty smooth and special event for everyone, outside of the traffic home. -- Big thanks to my hometown for Friday's surprise "Drew Franklin Day" in Madisonville. I had a blast running red lights and speeding and shoplifting all across town on my big day. It was truly an honor. -- Let's talk a little football: Dorian Baker's injury sucks. On Friday's show I named Baker as a player who will take a giant step forward this season; then he suffered a season-ending injury the very next day. Kayaune Ross and Tavin Richardson are expected to step up in his absence and hopefully the offense won't miss a beat, but it was a very unfortunate turn of events for Baker, who, by all accounts, had matured into a veteran leader and was due for a breakout year. -- It's hard to believe football season is less than a week away. As a football-first Kentucky fan, I'm pumped to kick this thing off and my own expectations for Mark Stoops' Cats are through the roof, even with the recent injuries. I won't tell you how much I have on UK -9.5 in Week 1, but it was a very irresponsible bet. It's too bad I'll be in Pennsylvania Dutch Country for a wedding instead of in Hattiesburg with BBN. -- Speaking of Pennsylvania, any recommendations around West Chester or Lancaster? Got a couple days there with some time to kill coming up. I'm driving there from Kentucky, so I'll need something fun to do/eat along the way, too. Preciate ya. -- Back to football, I have no idea where Blue Smith is going; all l I know is it's not looking good if you're to believe the analysts and so-called experts. Hopefully Dawson knows what he is talking about and Smith announces his commitment to Kentucky on Sunday. He is the real deal. -- I ran into Darius Miller today at the Joe Craft Center and it sure is good seeing him in New Orleans Pelicans gear. Miller is a fan favorite and it's exciting to have him back stateside and playing in the NBA. I wished him well next season on behalf of all of us in BBN. I also saw Anthony Davis on my way out; he just looks like a superstar. -- Also from the NBA, big congrats to Alex Poythress on his two-way contract with the Pacers. I don't think it will take long for him to earn a consistent spot in the league. -- The team Ryan and I drafted for the UK Legends Game will DESTROY the team Matt and Shannon drafted. I honestly can't believe they're going through with the game with those rosters. It's going to be a blood bath. Hopefully there is some footage of the game because I'll be busy celebrating my team's win in the KSR golf scramble on Friday. -- Game of Thrones was incredible on Sunday. Holy sh-t. What's next? I've grown addicted to reading into theories and developing my own. Feel free to send me yours on Twitter or leave it in the comments section below. It's all coming together! I think that's all that was on my mind. Thanks for letting me air it out there for you so I feel caught up. I'm back in charge of the website tomorrow so we'll chat again soon. Go Cats.

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