Edge --- Standing up for what he believes In

by:Matt Jones09/04/06
When you think social warrior, standing up for his conscience, who comes to mind? Maybe Martin Luther King, Rigoberta Menchu, Nelson Mandela? Well why not add to that list, Edgerrin James. Last night during the Miami-Florida St game, ESPN dork Mike Patrick was trying to segway from an interview done by a sideline reporter with new Arizona Cardinal, Edgerrin James. Patrick said, "You know I really respect Edge. When he came into the league, people said that in order to get endorsements he had to cut his hair and get rid of the gold-plated teeth. But he said money didnt move him and he was going to stand up for what he believed in. I always respected him for that." So to Mike Patrick, "standing up for what you believe in" means deciding that you want dreads and grillz? I am all for a guy who wants to look the way he wants and hey, if he likes it so much he doesn't get endorsements.....good for him. Show your grillz to the world Edge. But to say that you respect him for it and that he is "standing up" for some principle? What is that principle? Equality for all thug life? But even without Mike Patrick, Edge was brilliant. During the interview he stood up for higher education by saying, "when we go to Miami, we all want to be gone in three years." And Edge also stood up for betting on sports by saying that he was "winning money" cause of folks underestimating the U. I think the game was sort of uneven, but the Edge gave the night the best moments. It may be time for an Arizona Cardinals hooded sweatshirt for my collection....

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