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negan So this Sunday is the day Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.  Who is on the receiving end of Negan's barbed wired bat, Lucille?  I have my suspicions on who the victim will be but before we get to that, let's recap where things stand.  As you probably guessed the following will contain spoilers for TWD comic and television show.  Do not read further if you are not caught up. When season six ended we had a large part of Rick's group lined up as captives with the new big bad, Negan, trying to choose who would be beaten to death as a lesson for messing with his group.  The list of potential victims is this: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Rosita, Sasha, Aaron, and Eugene.  The season six finale ended with a first person shot of the victim as Lucille came crashing down on their face.  TWD producers and actors have done their best to keep people guessing over the summer.  The show allegedly filmed death scenes for the majority of the actors while locking down filming and production to prevent spoilers from leaking out.  There are a ton of theories and smoke screens floating around, but thanks to some good old fashioned deduction and logic I believe I have narrowed down the potential list of victims to three.  Rather than explain why I think everybody else is safe, I will break down the three I think are most likely to get it, and why. Michonne michonne-negan Of the three this is the one I think has the longest odds.  I simply refer to this as the curse of Rick's girlfriend.  We saw what happened with Rick's previous love interests Lori and Jessie.  Didn't end so well.  Of course, Rick and Michonne's relationship hasn't lasted long, but that didn't save Jessie who only got half a season as a love interest.  There are others on this list that are far more likely targets, but the show needs to go big to make the cliffhanger worth it. Glenn glenn-bat Of course Glenn is on this list.  He gets Lucille'd in the comic and quite frankly should already be dead after the crap the writers pulled early in season six.  The only thing keeping him from being the target of Negan's batting practice is that it would completely make the whole dumpster thing really pointless.  The writers did everything they could to make Glenn seem dead only to pull the wool over viewers eyes.  Could it have been to gauge the response to his death?  Possibly.  I'm of the opinion that season six ended the way it did because they hadn't decided who to kill.  Glenn's death would be one of the most traumatic deaths the show could have as he is one of the most beloved characters.  He doesn't command the same fan loyalty as Rick or Daryl, which means his death would be meaningful but not as detrimental to fan support. Abraham abraham I thought long and hard about putting Eugene on the list, but ultimately decided he wasn't a big enough death.  Abraham is the most threatening to Negan in the group outside of Daryl and Rick, both of whom I think are untouchable.  He's former military, physically imposing, and dead in the comics.  When Denise took the arrow to the eye, Abraham's fate in the comic, I thought of two reasons for keeping Abraham around: save him for Negan or line him up as Daryl's replacement after Negan kills Daryl.  As you probably guessed, this spot almost went to Daryl as well, but ultimately Abraham's name is the title of this section.  What tipped this from Daryl to Abraham was the star power involved.  TWD fans are nuts and they want blood, but not Daryl's blood.  Dary's death would have a serious backlash, while Abraham would satisfy the bloodlust but ultimately be acceptable for most people.  There is one other option being bandied about online that I'm a fan of.  That theory is that Negan gets a two-fer.  Just before he starts his beat down he tells everyone that if they try to interfere they will be killed.  If the show does go for a big time kill then it is definitely in the realm of possible that someone will lash out.  For the three listed above I think the pairings for the and-one are this: Michonne-Daryl, Glenn-Maggie, Abraham-Eugene.  What do you think will happen on the season seven premiere?  Sound off in the comments below!

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