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No, I am not talking about todays game, which was disappointing and makes Florida the SEC favorite.  I am talking about the fan response on this website.  How quickly people jump off the bandwagon.  I am still gonna hold out hope that these nutjobs only represent a small minority of the fanbase, but they take up the large majority of the message boards.  SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!!!  OR FIND ANOTHER TEAM!!!! THIS TEAM IS 5-2 IN SEC PLAY.  I WOULD CALL THAT AN OK START TO THE CONFERENCE SEASON.  SHOULD YOU LOSE TO SOUTH CAROLINA AT HOME?  OF COURSE NOT, BUT JESUS CHRIST RELAX A LITTLE CAT FANS.  Here are some of the more ridiculous statements made: Thank you again Perry Stevenson. Two choke jobs in a row. I can’t stand players who can’t come through in the clutch. billy g lost that game for us, nice technical.  Darrin Horn is from Lexington………Darrin Horn just kicked UK’s butt in Lexington………..Why not bring Darrin Horn in to coach UK in Lexington……………

6 down- lose another 4 to 6. patterson leaves, lose 12 games next year. nice sportmanship billy g in shaking horn’s hand. you suck and will be gone in one more year. get your arrogant little f–t a–s out of here

hmm, yea and now we’ll hear the coach take up for the team saying he didn’t prepare them and whatnot…when the reality is..umm, WE FU**’N SUCK A**! good God almighty Christ what a pathetic team we have. what happened to the 90’s!!! please God bring it back!! how in the hell did we ever get THIS frigg’n bad!! pitiful pitiful pathetic team!

*** AJ Stewart, Mike Porter and Ramon Harris: PLEASE TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!

Billy G is the worst coach in the SEC

billy g go back to texas your an overpaid idiot

Kentucky will be lucky to win 2 more games this season.

We will never make the NCAA tournament without winning the SEC tournament and that won’t happen either.

Oh yeah, I would love to punch Stevenson in the face right now.

our coach is just plain pitiful. go back to texas you longhorn hippie piece of sh*t. what a joke for a team. i can’t believe we were all excited to get this joker and now we are the joke of NCAA basketball, with his stupid behavior on camera and now it shows how really pathetic he is as a coach. and our frigg’n players…jesus Christ. these guys just blow





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