Emmanuel Mudiay says Cal has a big heart

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Emmanuel_Mudiay_838_-_adidas_Nations_600_399 Top 2014 point guard Emmanuel Mudiay is the latest elite recruit to do a blog for USA Today's High School site, and in his latest installment, opens up about some of the coaches recruiting him. What does he have to say about Cal? Take it way, Mr. Mudiay...
Then I'll talk to Coach (John) Calipari and you'd think that we talk about how I can help Kentucky and basketball things like that, but we don't. He moreso talks about what I should want to be in life period. He tells me that I've got to know what my goals are for life; whether it's helping others or things like that. The thing I really love about Coach Cal is that he's got a big heart. I'm the same way.
For the past year or so, Cal has really focused on the "changing lives" aspect of recruitment, and it's nice to see that players like Mudiay not only respect, but respond to that. So often top coaches go in and practically beg players to come to their schools (cough, Crean), but Cal is selling something much different: come play for me and we'll change you and your family's lives. Also, in case you were wondering how Mudiay got all that great footwork, he says that he played soccer growing up in the Congo. Mudiay is also very spiritual, and says that coaches will text him scripture every so often. [USATodayHS: Emmanuel's Manual]

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