Enes Kanter's father disowns him, says he has been hypnotized

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Remember about a month ago, when Enes Kanter received death threats on social media for supporting U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen? Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed Gülen for the failed military coup that went down in Turkey in early July, and since then, Enes hasn't back down from his staunch support of Gülen movement, which may have cost him a spot on the Turkish National Team in the European Championships. Now, it appears it may have cost him his family as well. Yesterday, Kanter's father Mehmet Kanter disowned his son for his involvement in the Gülen movement. In a letter, Kanter's father wrote that he believes his son has been hypnotized by the Gülenist Terror Organization [FETÖ], and apologized to the Turkish president and people for his behavior.
“I warned Enes before but he didn’t stop writing tweets against our president and the Turkish nation. As the Kanter family, we didn’t support his disrespectful sayings. Me and the Kanter family are disowning Enes. We want him to change his surname immediately. We want to say sorry to our president and to the Turkish nation for having a son like that.”
The elder Kanter told the Daily Sabah he hasn't been able to communicate with Enes since 2015, and he regrets taking him to the US, where his basketball talent was discovered.
"I would not have taken Enes to the U.S. for the basketball camp where his talent was discovered had I known that it would come to this point."
As the Daily Sabah notes, Enes has been very active in his support of Gülen on social media, even tweeting that he would sacrifice his mother, father, and whole family for Gülen's sake. For more on this bizarre story, follow the link below: [Gülenist NBA player Kanter disowned by family for ties with FETÖ]

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