The Entertation Index: October 17-21
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The Entertation Index: October 17-21

Chris Tomlinabout 5 years


Article written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin


Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.

Crush, Candy — The overwhelming success of the iPhone and iPad game Candy Crush is unarguable; and now it’s proved such a hit that CBS is even developing the property into a live-action game show. It’ll be great until the last five minutes, which you have to pay ninety-nine cents to watch or beg your Facebook friends to send to you.

Link: CBS is Adapting Candy Crush into a Live-Action Game Show

Go, Pokemon — With popularity of the once-smash hit app Pokemon Go waning, here’s an article which analyzes what went south for the Nintendo property, prompting an overpopulation of bulbasaurs which has resulted in at least two deaths and a Minnesota neighborhood to legalize the hunting of squirtles.

Link: What Went Wrong with Pokemon Go?

Gun, Top — During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Tom Cruise shared with the host his wildest story from the filming of the action classic Top Gun, which unfortunately only involved him vomiting on a plane and not, as I’d imagined, he and Val Kilmer accidentally killing a man and hiding his body from the authorities, trying not to panic as detectives question him as a cadaver keeps comically threatening to slide out of the wardrobe they have it propped up within.

Link: Tom Cruise Shares His Craziest “Top Gun” Story, 30 Years Later

Letterman, David — What’s David Letterman, once a king of late night television and one of the most influential comedy voices of the last fifty years, doing with his retirement these days? The New York Times looks into Dave’s daily life, what’s next (if anything), and his retrospective thoughts on his war with Leno. A good read.

Link: David Letterman (and his Beard) Shop at Target These Days


But who will save us when the fictitious characters of a space movie come to battle us with our weapons which don't actually exist?

But who will save us when the fictitious characters of a space movie come to battle us with our weapons which don’t actually exist?

Lightsabers — Lucasfilm, the company behind the Star Wars, has sued for copyright infringement against three organizations which use the franchise’s iconography to stage “lightsaber training schools.” The institutions being charged claimed to teach its students the “core principals” of wielding the fictional weaponry and I think it goes without saying that none of the three schools in question had a prom.

Link: Disney’s Lucasfilm Sues Academy That Gives Lightsaber Lessons


Things, Stranger — Outside of Alec Baldwin’s stellar Trump impression in the show’s always-reliable election year cold opens, Saturday Night Live has been pretty lackluster thus far this season — with the exception of this brilliant sketch which investigates where Lucas’ parents were during the events of the show. Plus, get a load of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Dustin impression. Good stuff.

Link: Stranger Things Sketch

Ward, Burt — Burt Ward, the 71 year-old actor and original television actor to play Batman’s Robin the Boy Wonder, has put out overtures to the creators of Fox’s Batman-based crime show Gotham that he’d be “happy to” appear on the hit show. The creators, upon hearing this, nodded accommodatingly and told him they’d keep that in mind before informing Ward that he’d forgotten their egg rolls.

Link: Burt Ward is Ready to Answer Gotham’s Bat Signal, if it Ever Goes Up


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