Episode 24 is on the Air: Patrick Patterson, Kenny Frease and more

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
pat1se0.jpeg We were giddy on Saturday getting ready for Bracket Buster Saturday and our best recruiting show yet. EPISODE 24 was a show for the ages.We had Patterson come on and talk about the strengths, but also the weaknesses of all the schools he is considering. We had Kenny Frease talk about what he likes about the Cats and how his early decision will be made. We had ESPN's Bomani Jones come on and debate the staff and regular callers on the issue of the day. Plus we had, Britney, Hardaway, the 1980 Boston Marathon and Valentines Day at the Kentucky Sports Radio Compound. Take a listen..... UPDATE: You can now listen on the site.....just click below and hit play and you dont have to bother downloading the show....thus even if you have slow internet, it will work. If you want to download for you MP3 player, go ahead and the show is now available on ITUNES. Check it all out......

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