Episode 3 of Season 2: The Hugh Jass KSR Podcast

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
we It was a crazy Friday in and around the KSR world. What began as simply a radio show/day of fun, then turned into an appearance on ESPN and a sparring match with Bob Ley. We certainly didnt see that happening. So what better way to celebrate the events than by going to Lexington and recording another podcast! Drew Franklin, Hubby, Turkey Hunter, Will Lentz and I took the first light rail we could get to Hugh Jass Burgers and had a Friday night of fun where we hit on a number of topics: --- The Outside the Lines Appearance, and how it all went down --- The wad of spit that gained fame during the show --- The end of the Battle with the Herald Leader --- Our inner turmoil as to whether to pick fights with the media --- Cats Pause no longer allows mentions of my name --- Whether Eric Bledsoe will be eligible --- Will Lentz's (for the first time) expert opinion on a basketball subject --- Our percentage chance of seeing Enes --- Football talk that gets interrupted by a drunk girl singing "If You Like Pina Colada" All in all, it is a classic KSR show with a couple of lines that I think will go down in the KSR archives. Listen below or (even better) subcribe here on iTunes. A lot of good silliness and the announcement that Chip Cosby can be back...a joyous moment for all. Check it out: [powerpress]

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