Eric Bledsoe is No. 49 in SI's Top 100 NBA Players

Eric Bledsoe is No. 49 in SI's Top 100 NBA Players

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[caption id="attachment_207141" align="alignnone" width="600"]Christian Petersen | Getty Images Christian Petersen | Getty Images[/caption] Sports Illustrated's Top 100 NBA Players series continues with more love for former Wildcats.  The first 50 in the countdown features four former Cats.  Featured in the next group at No. 49 is the Suns' Eric Bledsoe. Last year he was ranked at No. 33, dropping due to his uncertain health, now with two knees that have gone under the knife.

It’s reasonable to wonder if the 26-year-old is physically suited for the kind of stardom his game suggests; a team would naturally want to make the most of all that Bledsoe does well and could, in the process, contribute to his gradual wear down.

This ranking is a recognition of the risk that still prizes the player that Bledsoe can be when healthy. Very few high-level guards can match Bledsoe’s defensive pressure. He’s a menace to opposing ball handlers, to shooters curling around screens, and to bigger wings looking to bully their way to the basket.

With the rest of the rankings released later this week, stay tuned to see where they put DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, John Wall and Rookie of the Year, Karl Towns. [Sports Illustrated]

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