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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
We are condensing the blog for the next few hours to save on server space and to get the Bledsoe info out as quickly as possible. --- The meeting has begun in Birmingham and the board went into Executive Session to review the report as it contains documents that could lead to litigation. Not a good sign. --- Because of server issues, the best way to get the news is probably to follow our Twitter feed here. --- The word now from people at the meeting is that they Birmingham school board is redacting information from the report due to privacy concerns....probably a little late for that, but what the school board has to do I guess. --- Seriously Birmingham School Board....Friday evening for a meeting? Do you people have no lives? --- Alabama tv station now is apparently saying that the report might not be made public due to privacy concerns. That would be special now wouldnt it? --- The report has now apparently been accepted by the school board and the meeting adjourned. Question now is, will it be released to the public? We shall find out very soon...

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