Eric C. Conn says he made it out of the country

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 4 years


Where in the world is Eric C. Conn? Apparently, he’s outside of the United States. The infamous Eastern Kentucky disability lawyer told the Herald-Leader in a series of emails over the weekend that he fled the country using a fake passport on June 3, one day after cutting off his ankle monitor. Conn says he’s now in a country that does not have an agreement to extradite people wanted for crimes in the US, and actually has a job, thanks to someone who helped him escape the country.

The FBI is still offering $20,000 for information leading to Conn’s arrest, and, as of a week ago, still believed he was in the country. In March, Conn pleaded guilty to submitting false medical information in his clients’ cases and bribing federal judges. He was indicted and faced up to 12 years in prison, but decided to take fate into his own hands while awaiting sentencing on home detention at his Pikeville home.

“Don’t forget, thanks to my enforced ‘sabbatical’ at home, I now speak three languages,” Conn said in the email to the Herald-Leader.

Conn said he was able to board a commercial flight without any significant problems, buying his ticket using a prepaid credit card and buying a separate ticket at JFK airport in New York to throw authorities off the scent.

“If my leaving would have had more of a spy-like characteristic to it, I would be the first to say so. It would certainly make for a better story,” he said.

My question to you: Will Conn ever be caught? If so, when? 


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