takes a look at UK's football schedule

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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williamson SEC blogger Chris Low over at dissected Kentucky's 2013 football schedule and broke it down into five categories: Gut-check time, Trap game, Snoozer, Telltale stretch, and then Final analysis. Low writes, "Getting out of September without being beaten down mentally and/or physically will be crucial, which makes that opener against Western Kentucky so important. The Wildcats simply can’t afford to be 1-3 coming out of September and expect to make any kind of run at a bowl game. The three-game October stretch is one of the toughest in the league. In other words, there aren’t many breaks the first two months of the season." Low notes that, barring a major upset early, Kentucky will head into November looking for its first conference win since the streak-ending victory over Tennessee in 2011. [ | Schedule analysis: Kentucky]

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