ESPN drops new recruiting rankings

ESPN drops new recruiting rankings

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


anthony-davis The folks at the mothership put out their updated class and individual rankings for the class of 2011, with Kentucky figuring prominently at the top of each. The Cats still own the top spot in the team rankings, with ESPN remarking that 'it's safe to say no one is going to catch Kentucky at No. 1.' Tell us something we don't know. They did have quite a bit to say about the members of Kentucky's top-ranked class, though, starting with Anthony Davis, Jr. at No. 2:
For a number of reasons, we're sold that Davis is the top long-term prospect in the class. The former guard continues to grow into his body, while displaying tremendous instincts and putting up great numbers. If one looks at all the elite players, Davis has the worst surrounding cast, but the great news is that despite being outmanned he's committed to producing. Is he still learning the game and scratching the surface? Absolutely. Do we think he can finish No. 1? We certainly do. In fact, we nearly moved Davis into the top slot, but didn't this time around.
Michael Gilchrist comes in just behind Davis (and No. 1 Austin Rivers) at No. 3, and here's how they decided to separate the top trio in the class:
ESPN Recruiting's Paul Biancardi summed it up best when he said Gilchrist gives you the best chance to win right now; his St. Patrick team is No. 1 in America, and there's a chance he will close out his storied career as a national champion to complement the gold medal he won last year at the FIBA U17 World Championship. Meanwhile, Rivers is the guy you want to take the last shot, and Davis would be the top pick if this were a draft.
ESPN also talked about Marquis Teague as the best overall talent at the point guard position:
We are also particularly interested in the point guard race. Texas signee Myck Kabongo (Toronto/Findlay Prep) is the best overall natural point in the class, while Kentucky signee Marquis Teague (Indianapolis, Ind./Pike) is the top talent. Teague's jaunts and his knack for scoring are impressive, but Kabongo's command of a team is unmatched in this class. We've placed Teague and Kabongo alongside each other in the rankings and have an open mind for the final result.
So there you have it. I wouldn't, in any way, advocate looking ahead to next year in the middle of this one, but if you do happen to slip up at least you'll be looking forward to such an absurdly loaded and well-rounded class that it's almost not fair to everyone else. Ok folks, that's it. As you were.

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