ESPN: "Everybody wants to be like Kentucky nowadays"

ESPN: "Everybody wants to be like Kentucky nowadays"

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coach-k-calipari Myron Medcalf over at has an outstanding piece on John Calipari and Calipari's mission to keep Kentucky's one-and-done machine churning above the rest, because they're all coming for his spot. Medcalf's article paints a great picture of Calipari's swag, but has an emphasis on the current rivalry with Duke, both on and off the court. One of the best parts is this quote from Cal: "You're not gonna do what we do better than we do it. Even if you're doing what we do, you're not gonna do it better. I'm absolutely convinced of that." He also told ESPN: "It took Duke to do it for it to become OK. And that's, everybody knows ... I'm not saying it to be nasty or mean. It is what it is. The minute that happened, they said, 'You know, Coach K adjusted to the times,' and it was great." Take second to read the whole thing whenever you get a chance. A lot of it you will already know, but Medcalf does a good job of telling the story of college basketball's new rivalry. [ESPN: Everybody wants to be like Kentucky nowadays]

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