ESPN gets in on the Jorts love, then Andy Katz gets a little crazy

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


katz Not one to be left out of the fun of this 'Kentucky Jorts Radio' Monday, ESPN gave some props to the breakout big man in their Weekly Watch today. While he couldn't follow up Doron Lamb's Player of the Week award from last Monday, Harrellson did manage to find himself on the radar as one of the best performances of the week that was in college hoops:
Josh Harrellson, Kentucky: Here's all you need to know about Harrellson's career performance in a win at Louisville. All of last season, he contributed a total of 28 points and 27 rebounds. In the vwin over the Cardinals, the breakout senior contributed 23 points (10-12 FG) and 14 rebounds. Wow.
The Watch also noted this quote from Cal about what Jorts has taught him this season about coaching:
"What I said to him after the game was he's taught me a great lesson. What we coaches like to do is just work with the good guys. The guys that struggle sometimes we just push them aside. What he has shown me is every kid deserves everything we have to help them get better." -- Kentucky coach John Calipari after forward Josh Harrellson's 23-point, 14-rebound effort against Louisville.
Then, after apparently realizing that everything had gotten a little too positive for Kentucky, Andy Katz tried to sneak this juicy little prediction into the sidebar as his upset pick of the week:
Georgia over Kentucky, Saturday: OK Bulldogs, here is your chance to step up and say you belong in the discussion for an NCAA tournament berth and an SEC East title. Kentucky is playing well right now. Georgia and Kentucky enter the week with identical 11-2 records, but those records come with different perceptions. The Bulldogs have squeaked by a number of weaker teams, including Mercer and Eastern Kentucky recently. Meanwhile, the Wildcats are getting solid play from a variety of sources, including even Josh Harrellson. They routed Louisville on the road and are looking like a serious March threat. But SEC preseason player of the year Trey Thompkins is healthy and Travis Leslie is scoring at a more consistent clip for UGA, which must win a game like this in order to live up to its preseason sleeper hype. Let's see if these guys are up for the challenge. I say they are.
Right. Kentucky is playing well and Georgia isn't, but since people who get paid to write about sports for a living thought Georgia was good two months ago, it must be true and the Dogs have apparently just been waiting for the right moment to stop pretending they were overrated. It certainly seems most likely, then, that they'll magically play good basketball for the first time in weeks and register their first even remotely quality win of the whole year over a team that's head and shoulders and torso above the conference they both call home. Sure thing. Call your bookie. Don't these guys talk to each other about picking ridiculous upsets? Apparently not. Go Big Blue.

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