ESPN Giving the Info From KSR!

Hunter Campbellalmost 12 years


It would appear that way...from the WorldWide Leader's (Insider only) rumors section.
It's no secret that John Calipari and Bruce Pearl are not friends, but it's more apt to say that the two SEC coaches are "frienemies." Judging by his remarks after Kentucky's win over Rider on Saturday, Calipari may have taken a shot at Pearl regarding UT beating UNC-Asheville by 75 points. As originally mentioned on, when asked about the importance of early-season games, Calipari responded (starts at the 14:50 mark), "It's not trying to beat people by 100. You jag-off. It's not about that. That's a Pittsburgh term. I'm talking if a coach tries to beat people by 100, you're a jag-off ... One, what's it do for your guys and what's it do to that other team. I mean, what are you doing?" Calipari is from Moon Township, which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. Whether or not this remark was intended for Pearl, by the end of his first season at Kentucky, Calipari may make many frienemies.
Now we like that ESPN is scouring a Kentucky blog staffed by an admitted bunch of goofballs for information, but not only did they take information which was free on said blog and put it in their mythical (and not free) 'Insider' section, they also left a somewhat entertaining rumor devoid of any shred of coolness by incorporating the word 'frienemies'. We like you reading and using the site...but better word choices please...we have a reputation to uphold here. For shame ESPN. For shame.

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