ESPN picks Pitino over Calipari as head coach of college basketball dream team

ESPN picks Pitino over Calipari as head coach of college basketball dream team

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 4 years


ESPN’s stirring the pot today with a controversial selection that should get everyone in the Bluegrass talking. Myron Medcalf picked his “perfect college basketball team” for the upcoming season, and not only did he not select any Kentucky players, he chose Louisville’s Rick Pitino over John Calipari as the head coach. Don’t worry, he’s not totally insane; Medcalf chose Cal to be an assistant coach, along with Michigan’s John Beilein and Villanova’s Jay Wright.

Why Pitino over Cal? Medcalf argues Pitino would best “manage egos and build a variety of personalities into a motivated and competitive vessel.” Funny, seems to me that Calipari does that better than any coach in the sport and he’s got practically a new roster every year.

Even though Cal and Pitino hate each other, Medcalf believes they’d be the “perfect coaching combination.”

“Yes, Calipari under Pitino,” Medcalf writes. “Could you imagine? We can. The two would comprise the perfect coaching combination. Pitino’s defensive strategy with Calipari’s fluid offensive approach would make this group a monster against any opposing all-star cast.”

Talk about a pair of egos to manage. Click on the link below to see the 10 players Medcalf selected for his dream team. Spoiler: there are only three freshman, and none of them are going to Kentucky. See that, Kevin Knox? That’s what we call bulletin board material.


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