ESPN previews UK's season, says eight wins is best-case scenario

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[caption id="attachment_204704" align="alignnone" width="1310"]Bryan Lynn | USA Today Bryan Lynn | USA Today[/caption] This afternoon is Kentucky's turn in the 2016 team-by-team season previews over at ESPN's SEC Blog. The Cats' season preview, written by staff writer Greg Ostendorf, hit the major storylines around the team and its personnel heading into the first kickoff next week. Loyal followers of the happenings around fall camp won't learn anything new from ESPN's preview, but the best-case scenario for the entire season sounds exciting:
Best-case scenario: Looking at the schedule, if you count the games that Kentucky should win, plus the toss-up games, there’s the potential for seven wins. But this team also has enough talent to surprise one of the upper-echelon teams. The Wildcats aren’t beating Alabama, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see them win at Florida or at home against Georgia. And maybe this is the year they break the streak against Louisville in the Governor’s Cup. Either way, eight wins is probably the best-case scenario for a Kentucky team that is still building. [ESPN]
The worst-case scenario? Five wins or fewer, as our own Jared Lorenzen predicts. I'm more of a glass half-full guy so sign me up for the first bowl win since 2008. Although, eight wins in the regular season is getting a little ambitious. [ESPN: 2016 Season Preview: Kentucky Wildcats]

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