ESPN to Come after UK....Again

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
pilgrim Well those fine folks at ESPN are at it again, this time doing an Outside the Lines Show on Sunday about the UK transfers that occurred after the switch from Gillispie to Calipari. From the ESPN press release: Some players tell Outside the Lines Calipari told them that they were unlikely to get much playing time in his system if they stayed. Several players said the dramatic roster turnover at Kentucky is an example of how coaches have little loyalty to returning student-athletes, especially when a new coach is hired. Kentucky officials say Calipari just wanted players who fit his style of play. Then there are quotes from specific players. Matt "The Beast" Pilgrim: "It hurt because I abided by the rules. I did everything I was supposed to. ... Kept up a good GPA, went to class every day, didn't fail any tests. ... I feel like just for following my part of the contract, they should follow theirs." Kevin Galloway: "I thought I was going to finish my career there, graduate from UK." It has been known for some time around the Kentucky parts that this was coming. Sunday will be the day that it will air. And one wonders why the UK-ESPN relationship soured. This is only the latest reason.

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