Et Tu, Deandre?

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danwe With the way John Calipari recruits, we only have the ability to learn and get to know our college basketball players for one short year. Thus when we do learn something, we tend to embrace it. We know that John Wall has a dance, Eric Bledsoe gets sh*t right and Enes Kanter likes the Undertaker. It is our way of feeling a connection with the players, even for the limited amount of time they are on campus. With that in mind, the connection between Brandon Knight and William Shakespeare has taken off. If you remember back to Knight's commitment, his high school English teacher was interviewed and she said that Knight was one of the best reciters of Shakespearean sonnets that she had ever had the good fortune to teach. Thus the idea of Knight speaking Shakespeare became an instant classic and is now my first thought when I see him off the court. I asked him about it at Media Day and he said that he was surprised his teacher said that and didnt seem to love old Billy Shakespeare as much as she let on, but for me the comments were irrelevant. Brandon Knight is the Bard of Basketball for this team and we here at KSR are in full support. So it was along those lines last night that we dove into the topic of Brandon Knight's Shakespearean trash talk during the Live Blog of the game. For those of you that dont read the Live Blog, you really should. For my money, it is my favorite thing we do here and it brings out the best and most clever readers that KSR has. When the topic of such trash talk was given, readers weighed in on how it would go for this UK team, using famous Shakespearean lines. A few stuck out: "Me Thinks Thou Doth Sucketh" "Fraility, Thy Name is Vargas" "Hench Forth Thy Slow White Boy" "Friends, Cardinals, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Hairbrush" (for Preston Knowles) "Thou Dost Get that Sh*t Awayeth!" "Alas Poor Jorts, I Knew Him Well." "What Dunk Thru Yonder Backboard Breaks" "Forsooth Pikeville Doth Have No Game" "Blow, Blow, Thy Winter Sypher" "To Three or Not to Three, that is the Question" "A Plague on Both Your Foul Shots" "Shall I Compare Drew To a Summer's Day? Thou Art More Lame and Got No Game and Sh*t" "The Fault, Dear Hood, Lies Not in Beisner's Twitter" "Drew Shall Suffer the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Slonedom" "The Lamb Doth Shoot Too Much Methinks" This became the focus of the end of the Live Blog (along with noticing that Terrence Jones kind of looks like "Waldo Geraldo Faldo" from "Family Matters") and was a topic on the radio show today. So if you have any further UK Shakespearean Trash Talk feel free to put it in the comments section. And embrace the Brandon "Is that Bill Shakespeare over there?" Knight connection. On a team with little obvious personality and Jorts' Twitter account taken away....well it may be all we have.

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