Even John Calipari is buying Powerball tickets

12509739_10154087932564156_5841640672590215030_n Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is up to an astounding $1.5 billion and it seems like everyone in America is getting in on the craze...even John Calipari. UK fan Anup Paudel posted this picture of Calipari buying a Powerball ticket at a gas station in Lexington to our Facebook page, proof that even though he's already a millionaire, Cal couldn't resist taking a chance at becoming a billionaire. (Somewhere in here is a joke about how Calipari could also "win the lottery" by accepting an NBA job offer, but whatever.) I contacted Anup, who works at the gas station and he gave me some details. According to him, Calipari stopped by the Marathon (2001 Versailles Road) Sunday night around 10 p.m. to buy the ticket and had his own numbers written down on a piece of paper. Anup's coworker helped Calipari punch his numbers in manually and before Cal left, he agreed to take some pictures with the two. "He was very nice. I told him it's a pleasure to have you here in my store," Anup said. "I was so excited!" 12439327_10154088069329156_6132241124901674501_n 12545873_10154089728534156_208118234_o Calipari: He's just like us.

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