Everything Rick Pitino said today was pretty hilarious

Drew Franklinover 4 years


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Rick Pitino went full Rick Pitino in Louisville's press conference following the NCAA ruling, and I found it all to be very hilarious. Here's a quick rundown now that the press conference has concluded and I caught my breath from laughing... -- The most outlandish of Pitino's comments today came when he said the NCAA "made a very large mistake" in its punishment of Louisville. Typical Rick to say it's the NCAA's mistake and not his own, and that they will "fight every single bit of this to the end." -- "Personally, I've lost faith in the NCAA," was another good one. -- Because Rick Pitino can't address his own faults without bringing up a tragedy to divert the conversation, Pitino brought up the late Jimmy Valvano in today's press conference. He said Jimmy told him, "The NCAA investigation (of NC State) broke down my immune system," which I think was Pitino's subtle way of suggesting the NCAA gave Valvano cancer. -- "I plan on staying here and winning multiple championships, not just one." But does he even have one after today? I think he needs to get that first one before he can win multiple. Rick gonna Rick.

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