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Good morning, beautiful KSR readers, and welcome to Wednesday's News and Views.  Seeing as how this night post has to clean up so many stories that broke on an action-packed Tuesday, it seems like we should take a trip back down memory lane to 1989 and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  Still widely regarded as one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in the history of the world (so says Wikipedia), I remember it as the inspiration for one of the most emotional episodes of Saved By the Bell.  When Becky the Duck died because of oil, we learned an important lesson.  Nothing is for free.  Except KSR.  And you can tell why that is. Onto some UK news...  - The big news on Tuesday was, of course, the commitment of Turkish big man and Enes Kanter, a five-star prospect and a guy who will be given a series of unfortunate nicknames in his career.  Kanter was previously committed to Washington but got some sense about himself and decommitted a few weeks ago.  Kentucky was one of the schools he originally considered, even visiting campus for Senior Day.  He doubles UK's 2010 class immediately by joining Stacey Poole.  - Another bit of recruiting news broke on Tuesday as Rivals' #1 player overall, Brandon Knight, was informed by Florida that he was no longer a target of theirs.  It's been widely assumed that Knight would commit to Kentucky eventually and this bit of news only will add fuel to the fire.  - A few days off between tournament games means that you'll get the chance to hear all the same stories from the national media that you've heard from the local media all year.  Today's story comes from the New York Times and it's on Cal's use of social media in spreading the Kentucky brand across the globe.  If you liked reading the same book for your book report every year in elementary school, you'll love the article.   - What was that you said?  You want a random, obscure story with a Kentucky reference?  Well, ok.  The Oregonian writes that Coach Cal's Dribble Drive offense is getting very popular in the Beaver State (not the home state of Samantha Ryan).  I'm sure this can be traced back to Cal's social media.  If it can extend to China, I don't see why it can't reach Oregon.  - In news that could potentially benefit Kentucky, West Virginia point guard Truck Bryant broke his foot in practice Tuesday.  Bryant, who sucks, is part of a two-headed point guard rotation for the Mountaineers.  The injury to Bryant, who sucks, will put more pressure on Joe Mazzulla, who also sucks.  - Hey, have you heard that Mark Coury used to start at UK and now plays for Cornell?  I thought I heard someone say that today....  - With Auburn apparently looking at Tony Barbee and St. Johns talking to the worst coach in America, Paul Hewitt, a new rumor of Tubby possibly heading to Georgia Tech has emerged.  While obviously a much better destination with better recruiting opportunities and a better conference, you have to really be intrigued by the rivalry possibility.  Georgia would absolutely lose their mind.  - On a housekeeping note, we again had the second-most hits in KSR history Tuesday, breaking a record that stood since Monday.  This proves once again that Americans love porn and recruiting.  And Enes.  Mostly Enes.  - Because I love you guys so much, I gave Justified another shot tonight.  Not blown away, but I'm willing to give it another go next Tuesday too. That's it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we get you all geared up for that team that has Mark Coury.  We'll see you in a few...

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