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Aritcle written by:Katie MartinKatie Martin
[caption id="attachment_45878" align="alignnone" width="768" caption="Thank you loyal readers for the pictures. Don't worry, they'll be put to good use."]Thank you loyal readers for the pictures.  Don't worry, they'll be put to good use.[/caption] I know this will be difficult news for some of you, but you're actually getting me today instead of Johns. Don't be too sad, I promise I'll keep it hot and juicy (in a basketball sort of way) all day. Since Christopher totally stole my morning link glory, here are a few more for your entertainment as I try to wake up from my highschool basketball/small town bar hangover.  Give me a couple minutes and I'll have your starting lineups. -My boy Jeff Goodman thinks you can't miss the UK/Tennessee game today (as if you would) and wonders if UT can pull of another upset. -Mechelle "my parents need to learn to spell" Voepel writes a blog about the Kentucky women's program rise over the past few years. Despite the loss to Mr. Pat Summit, the Cats have clenched second place in the SEC and have a good shot at going far in the tournament. Not bad for a program that was under .500 in the SEC last year and went 16-16 overall. -Extending my favorite Kevin Bacon game into sports, the Kansas City Star attempts to play Six Degrees of basketball, establishing a link between the #1 team (Kansas) and the #347 team (Alcorn State). He also attempts to refute the argument that Kentucky is 19 points better than Kansas according to the score from our common competition (UT). -Gregory Hardy of South Carolina's The State assigns each of the SEC schools their own Star Wars mascot, something we've all wanted to do but were just not quite nerdy enough. Fortunately Hardy apparently is. They're based on the football teams, so you can guess that UK's isn't exactly complimentary. -Adam Vankirk publishes an open letter to Kentucky fans. Summary: Cherish this. And because it's Tennessee day, let's all remember a bright spot in an otherwise dark season:  

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