Fan complains about Brad Calipari in horrible letter to newspaper
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Fan complains about Brad Calipari in horrible letter to newspaper

Drew Franklinalmost 6 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


angry-fan The Herald-Leader shared a letter to the editor from a bitter Kentucky basketball fan who isn't too pleased with Brad Calipari's spot on the team next year. Darrell G. Gross of Lexington wrote, "If Brad Calpari plays even one minute as a walk-on freshman, it would be the absolute worst of the worst for his father, and prove that the coach’s name means more than UK – $7.5 million more." He questions how Coach Cal "has the gall" to let his son walk on. Gross' letter is, with all due respect, the dumbest opinion I've read in a long time. What's wrong with Brad Calipari joining the team? He's not taking a scholarship away from anyone. If anything, his place on the bench secures John Calipari's place on the bench for another four years. And yeah, maybe Brad isn't quite the caliber of player worthy of substantial playing time at UK, but he's just as good or better than any of the other walk-ons Cal has had in Lexington. Remember: Jarrod Polson was considering Liberty when he accepted a walk-on spot at Kentucky. Gross named an offer from Liberty as one of the reasons he is opposed to Brad; he pointed out that Brad had only two offers, Liberty being one of them. Brad won't be the first walk-on to play for his father at a major program, either. This isn't some stunt Coach Cal drew up to "prove the Calipari name means more than UK." Bill Self's son, Tyler, will be a senior at Kansas next year and he is terrible. He averaged three points per game as a senior in high school. Was that the "absolute worst of the worst" for Bill Self? No. No one cares. I hope the majority of the fan base will welcome Brad with open arms. Darrell G. Gross may be a decent person, but his letter to the Herald-Leader is garbage. It's stupid. It was a waste of his time and the Herald-Leader's ink. Don't be like Darrell G. Gross. Read his entire letter here to feel better about yourself. Who does he expect to walk on anyway??? And who still writes letters to a newspaper??? It's 2016.

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