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mississippi-state-university What is Mississippi State University? Mississippi State University is the name of the largest university in the state of Mississippi and is located to the northeast of the state in the town of Starkville. Is Mississippi a state or a river? Actually, it's both! Mississippi is so named because of the mighty waterway the Mississippi River, which constitutes the state's western border. "Mississippi" is derived from the Chippewa word "misi-ziibi," which means "low test scores." I drove to Mississippi once, all I saw were trees the whole way. Mississippi is indeed a state rich in many types of foliage, but the state also hosts a wealth of other indigenous life, such as deer, bats, raccoons, foxes, snakes, frogs and turtles. Keep an eye open as you strike these things with your car -- we here in Mississippi call it "meeting nature head-on!" On a serious note, however, also keep an eye open for bears. Seriously. They will kill you. What majors are offered at Mississippi State University? Great question! MSU offers so many great majors to prepare you for life after college, including architecture, civil engineering, biochemistry, art, foreign languages, physics, social work, taxidermy, belt buckles, large truck window decals, boot-scooting, hat wearing, hooting, hollering, rooting, tooting, gitting 'er done, frog gigging and educational psychology. No matter what your passion, you'll find it at MSU. There sure are a lot of schools and colleges at MSU. There sure are! And within those schools lie endless options for your future, beyond the doors of accredited schools like the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy, the James Worth Bagley School of Engineering or the Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering. Really. Richard C. Adkerson and James Worth Bagley happen to be heroes of mine. Dave C. Swalm, not so much. That's understandable. Petrochemicals aren't for everyone. What about the "Shakouls Horrors College?" The Shakouls Honors College. Oh. Does Mississippi State have a football team? Yes, it does. Go Bulldogs! The team plays at "The Dawg Pound." You've spelled "dog" incorrectly. It's a vernacular spelling. At Mississippi State, we routinely replace many of our "o's" with "aw's." We just feel it's more raucous. And since we can't have cowbells anymore, we have to take what we can get. Say, are you a fan of Jerry Clower's humorous tales from the rural south? No. Well, he went to Mississippi State. And many people find him quite funny. His colorful stories about living in the country once packed entire small-to-medium-sized auditoriums. Or perhaps you're familiar with an entrepreneur named Ronnie Parker...founder of a little restaurant called Pizza Inn? Hmm? Yeah, still not doing anything for me. Sorry. It's okay. Perhaps you will be interested in visiting the Cullis and Gladys Wade Clock Museum at the Mississippi State University Welcome Center, which features over 400 clocks -- some of which date back tot he 1700's. Might that tickle your fancy? Meh. Okay. Look. I'm just going to be honest with you. There's nothing really earthshattering about Mississippi State University, alright? It's a fine school, really, but we're completely the middle of the road on everything. Our football team is okay, our basketball team is just consistently decent, there's really nothing about our entire identity that's particularly exciting. The campus is covered with mosquitos and feral possums and outside of a thriving ultimate frisbee intramural league and startlingly easy access to alcohol which comes in jars and will blow your brain out of your head, we're just sort of there. Ole Miss has the whole "plantation" and "magnolias" thing going on, and what do we have? A bulldog in leather gear, a really big jumbotron and a record number of fishing-related accidents. We're actually not a bad school, we just don't have much of an identity. So please, just humor us. Okay. Fine. Thanks. Now...who wants to listen to some Jer-ry Clow-er? Um...me, I guess? That's my dawg.

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