FAQ: The Back Half of the Season

C.M. Tomlinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
question_mark Friends, How've you been? Had a good week? Did you get that thing taken care of? Good, because Karen's been talking about it nonstop. She's totally telling everybody. As we all get more and more ramped up in this latter half of regular season play, there are no doubt more eyes on this team right now than there have been yet. As such, I thought NTKW would field some questions many of these new bandwagon fans, like Seth Davis and Andy Katz, may have about the Wildcats at this juncture in the season. It's important for us all to be on the same page as we have only a couple of months left. But what am I sitting around yapping for? I have "meh" and "sub-par" work to deliver! Ladies and gentlemen, Frequently Asked Questions About the Back Half of the Season. ------------- Why is the back half of the season’s regular play so important? After this weekend’s game versus Arkansas, there will be 12 regular season games left to play, all of them against SEC teams. As the team is undefeated right now, a strong showing in the back half of the season can mean not only undefeated SEC play but an undefeated season. Wait. So Kentucky’s doing very well? Yes. Are you sure? Because it seems like on TV they talk about Kansas a lot. Yeah, we’re aware of that. We try to let it roll off our backs. But we’re the last remaining unbeaten team, which is very impressive -- even to Dick Vitale when his friends aren’t around. Should we worry about Tennessee? No. The University of Kentucky program is staffed with top-notch professionals who will ensure that all involved will be wearing bulletproof vests during those meet-ups. How about Vanderbilt? They could be tough but, as usual, the biggest worry about playing at Vanderbilt is and should be the potential to fall off the “stage” because Vandy can’t just have a regular gym like normal people. South Carolina? Eh, probably not. I mean, they lost to Wofford. And their fans can be rude. What are they, the war roosters or something? They’re cocks. I’ll say. Anything we need to look out for? If we can run this gauntlet, our final battle will likely be against Alex Tyus and the warriors from his home planet. Their weapons will be made of alien elements, many of which we have no man-made resistence to. Yet. This team really is good, isn’t it? Yes, and not just at basketball. Patrick Patterson is also allegedly ranked nationally at Golden Tee, Josh Harrellson can reportedly “sense” storms coming and several team members are said to have once successfully faked being staff of the Bel Age Hotel to meet Color Me Badd after a Beverly Hills performance. They’re that good. Of course. They’re Color Me Badd. No, I meant this team. Yeah, they’re fun to watch. I’ll totally do that. Their colors are blue and white, right? Yes. Okay, I think I found them on a replay. Hey! they’re getting demolished by Clemson. No, that’s not them. The Wildcats are a darker blue. But that game’s just as great.

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