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Man, I didn't realize it's actually like doing work to run this site.  I probably should have done some sort of preparation beforehand.  My bad.  Anyways, here are some final thoughts I have.

There really are a lot of people that read this site. If you ever want to find out just how many, write something and get it posted with your real name here. You will be like a c-list celebrity for the next few weeks. Your cell rep for your company will call to find out if it’s you that wrote that. Guys you play basketball with in the mornings with will hesitantly ask, “Are you the Corey Robertson that’s in the blogger contest?” Your dad will call you because his friend Mike saw it and didn’t really have any idea you knew how to put two sentences together. It has really amazed me the reach that this site has.

So, before I call it a day (and possibly a career), I just want to thank Matt and the rest of the guys for the chance they have given me to waste time at work and write about our team. For everyone who liked my stuff and left me comments, I appreciate it. For everyone who didn’t like my stuff, you obviously didn’t get the joke because all my stuff was hilarious. And for those who are just scanning this to see if I mention Tyler Thompson’s name, well I think that Tyler Thompson would be happy to know that Tyler Thompson has so many fans. Thanks again, and just to save you guys some time, I went ahead and wrote your alls thoughts of my day.

Beisner: Points for mentioning Tyler Thompson’s name so much. You were a little slow on the news items and Matt had to intervene, but on the plus side, the site didn't crash, so good work there.  

Evan: I agree with Beisner. He is everyone’s favorite blogger, thus making everything that he says fact and it would be asinine for me to disagree with him.

Tomlin: I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really pay attention throughout most of the day. I was just sitting down at my computer to peruse all of your postings while I enjoyed a nice hot lunch, but I ended up burning the roof of my mouth on the first bite of my Totino’s Party Pizza. I had to run to the kitchen to get some ice cold Surge to wash it down, and by the time I got back, I forgot what I was originally going to do. I ended up watching random videos on Youtube for 12 hours and I now share with you my favorite from the day.

Mosely: You did pretty good. You’re stuff has always seemed to me to be more of a once a week type writer than a run the site for a day kind of writer and it showed today. I think if you have the opportunity to sit down for a few hours you can churn out a halfway decent piece of writing. If you have to sit down for a few minutes though, you’re mind is probably too busy thinking about TPS reports, so your quality drops a bit. Overall I’ve been a big fan and think you did excellent work throughout. Kudos.

Matt Jones: I can’t believe he actually wrote for my site. Corey Robertson!! The Corey Robertson actually posted stuff and ran my site for a day. This has definitely been the greatest day of my life since Obama got elected president.

Thanks again everyone.

Go Cats!

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