Fascinating article on Kansas and Wiggins

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Wiggins_Kansas I know we are all a bit bitter about the recent decision by the nation's number one high school recruit to attend a different school, but this is quite the interest look at how the situation developed. Check out this piece from the Topeka Capital-Journal on the "wild chase" leading Andrew Wiggins to pick Kansas. This piece is reminiscent of what Matt said after the decision - Kansas came on strong as the non-FSU replacement of UK after spots filled up. There are a few interesting facts and a nice timeline of events in this piece. The centerpiece of it all was the commitment of Julius Randle to Kentucky. As Matt said, once Randle came on board, KU replaces UK as the championship caliber school on Wiggins priority list. Amongst the interesting facts: (1) Wiggins barely told anyone anything (even his coach, Rob Fulford) and mostly communicated via text and (2) Kansas coaches didn't know where Wiggins was going as of Tuesday morning. This echoes how much of the internet perceived the situation, apart from that fact that many thought it was FSU outfront until the end. Overall, this is a solid read to see the trajectory of this mysterious recruitment of arguably the best high school player since LeBron. While it is still TBD on whether Bill Self can actually utilize one-and-done talent in a manner remotely as beneficial as Calipari, this will be as interesting and as highly scrutinized of a freshman season we've ever seen. Best of luck to him.

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