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Felix Baumgartner prepares to jump Professional daredevil Felix Baumgartner stepped off into nothingness like Indiana Jones in  Last Crusade from a balloon floating 127,000 feet (more than 24 miles) above our planet earlier today, supposedly breaking the speed of sound on the way down. You were all likely following along by watching on TV, watching online, or following along with #SpaceJump on twitter. Felix landed on two feet in a New Mexico desert. We've been getting hyped up about the event on KSR since the first attempt was delayed previously. Red Bull Stratos (oops), as it was called thanks to the sponsor, captured the nation's attention today. It was quite the spectacle and a pretty amazing feat. What benefits for science can come from this are yet to be seen, but it was pretty cool to see the world all tuned in for such an event. You can watch the replay of Felix's jump from space here. (I can't help but imagine the first part of a partially ad-libbing Rutger Hauer's speech in Blade Runner) And check the .gif below for the first five seconds of his leap.  

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