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Finally! The moment we've been waiting for...

Thomas Beisneralmost 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
As we say goodbye to 2008, it wouldn't be fair to do so without a tribute of the biggest star of the Kentucky Sports Radio year.  Much like Best Week Ever on Vh1, we spent a great deal of time naming the person of 2008.  We gathered at the KSR compound and, as Matt Jones sat in his gold encrusted throne and clutched his sceptor made of Woo's letters from Poland, we sat indian style around him and threw out the names of who we thought deserved it the most.  From Barack Obama to Ryan "Poop Tooth" Kelly to Heidi and Spencer, the favorite names of the past few months came in a flurry and were hard to keep track of.  In the end, we decided it would hinge on one factor: Whoever has a solid tribute video that could easily be posted.  So, thanks to Dustin Smith, who created the following video, we are happy to name Josh Harrellson as our Kentucky Sports Radio Man of the Year.  Mr. Smith created the following bit of comic gold, full of references to Josh's fashion choices (can't find the jorts pic), his love for the ladies and his affinity for dancing (bonus Harrellson pics), just days after the man himself requested a tribute video.  So, ladies and gentleman, I give you your KSRMOTY.   * In case you're reading this and feeling left out, Evan, I made up the part about us picking this together.  I have a truth deficiency problem. **  I'm also assuming that "Born to be white" is intended for comedy and I'm not really falling victim to a sick KKK joke.

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