Fire Enes?

Drew Franklinover 10 years


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Not having Enes Kanter on the court really hurts Kentucky - obviously. But does having Coach Kanter on the bench hurt Kentucky too?  That could be the case. Kentucky is 5-4 since naming Enes Kanter an undergraduate student assistant coach. Under Coach Kanter, Kentucky has lost to Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Florida. Three of those four losses were by two points, which could mean Coach Kanter isn't capable of coaching down the stretch in close games. Or... It could be that Kanter's sideline role is too small. Enes has stayed back in Lexington over the last few road trips to focus on his classwork. Kentucky is winless in its last four road games, while winning all five at home under Coach Kanter. So what do you think?  Should Barnhart fire Enes for UK's 5-4 record since his hiring? That's a pretty unacceptable record at Kentucky. Or should Mitch just make sure Coach Kanter is at every road game for the rest of the season? Some may say this is ridiculous and there is nothing more to Enes Kanter's coaching career than the Tic-Tac-Toe game he plays on that clipboard with Jarod Polson. But the truth is in the numbers.

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