First Half Notes
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Kentucky Wildcats

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First Half Notes

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Because I will be away from the computer after the game, your postgame coverage will come from the hilarious Turkey Hunter who is representing Kentucky Sports Radio well at the game. Because of that, some thoughts on the first half..... (1) Jodie Meeks looks pretty damn good, dont ya think? He is going to be an absolute star folks..... (2) Lots and lots and lots of movement on offense....that will be the biggest change you will see on this team this season.....very little standing around on offense (3) Joe Crawford handled coming off the bench very well.....that was very good to see....I was concerned going into the game at that very issue and he handled it smoothly (4) If you didnt believe that the Coury Flurry was going to get some playing time, I hope you do now. Did some nice things....not a great athlete, but high basketball IQ and a banger inside (5) Great to see the togetherness on the team that we have been hearing so much about....player falls down and the entire team is there to pick him up. These guys like each other and it is obvious. (6) The guys working the scorer's table this year will be busy if tonight is any indication.....guys come in and out left and right....Billy Clyde told me this summer that he likes to play a lot of guys and use players in diverse situations....we saw that initially (7) Kyle Macy puts the "mono" in monotone voice (8) I cant help it....I miss Woo (9) Nice debut for Patrick Patterson....I like the way he makes smart decisions and is usually in the right place.....intelligent well beyond his years from a basketball perspective (10) I like how the Cats are up 25, give up a three pointer needlessly and Billy Clyde calls timeout to scold them. Then a few minutes later, they give up another three and there is another quick timeout....that is intensity folks (11) I hope you saw the blond girl after warmups.....I really hope you did

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