First in-season basketball polls released

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


ballot And staring at Duke at the top has already gotten old. The top five in each poll remained the same, with Duke, Michigan State, Kansas State, Ohio State and Pitt making up the top of the AP in that order and Ohio State and Pitt inverted in the coaches' poll. Of course, no one here cares about any of that business. You only want to know what they said about Kentucky. While I don't appreciate being pressured to get to the important part of the post, I understand where you're coming from and I'm listening. Kentucky shifted down a little bit in both polls. The Associated Press dropped the Cats from 11th to 12th, with Gonzaga jumping the Cats after they were unchallenged by two patsies in their first two games. Baylor, Virginia Tech and Tennessee also dropped a spot after going unscathed through the first week of the season. Over in the Coaches' Poll, Kentucky saw a drop as big as any of the top-25 teams, falling from 10th to 13th. Florida, Syracuse and Gonzaga all leapfrogged the Cats in the ranking. And, just for good measure, Gary Parrish of CBS Sports has also put out his Top 25 (and one) for the week and, like any good friend of KSR, he bumped the Cats up a spot to #13. Of course, it's only because he had to drop Purdue from third to 23rd since he hadn't released a new poll since Robbie Hummel's injury, but we're going to ignore that and pretend it's because he likes how complimentary KSR generally is about his hairstyle. That's it for the rankings. Check back next week to see if Kentucky can again drop for no apparent reason. [Rankings Index]

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