Five interesting leftovers from the UofL Infractions Report

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 4 years


It's been over 24 hours since the NCAA released its infractions report regarding the University of Louisville men's basketball sex scandal, and while we've given you the major news, there are still some leftovers to go over. After poring over the 35-page infractions report again this morning (which you can read for yourself here), I found five pretty interesting ones:  

1. For the next four years, recruits cannot stay on campus during unofficial visits

UofL already self-imposed several recruiting restrictions, but the NCAA handed down a new one by forbidding the program from hosting recruits overnight on campus during unofficial visits for the length of the probation, or, the next four years. Previously, recruits stayed at Minardi Hall on unofficial and official visits. Additionally, all UofL athletics staff must receive training on how to properly adhere to NCAA policy during recruiting visits.

2. They must also make recruits well aware they're on probation and why

Per the NCAA report, every recruit UofL goes after in the next four years must be informed of the probation and the reason for it.
"During the period of probation, the institution shall inform in writing prospective student-athletes in men's basketball that the institution is on probation for four years and detail the violations committed. If a prospective student-athlete takes an official paid visit, the information regarding violations, penalties and terms of probation must be provided in advance of the visit. Otherwise, the information must be provided before a prospective student-athlete signs a National Letter of Intent."
Not that the kids and their families won't know already, but still, embarrassing.

3. Pitino can't have any contact with the team during his suspension

Pitino was suspended for five ACC games, and during that time, he can't have any contact with the team, from games to practice to meetings, video study, and team travel.
The provisions of this suspension require that the head coach not be present in the arena where the games are played and have no contact or communication with members of the men's basketball coaching staff and student-athletes during the suspension period. The prohibition includes all coaching activities for the period of time which begins at 12:01 a.m. the day of the first conference game and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the day of the fifth conference game. During that period, the head coach may not participate in any activities including, but not limited to, team travel, practice, video study and team meetings. The results of those contests from which the head coach is suspended shall not count in his career coaching record.

4. They must list reminders of their probation and vacated wins in all publications

As much as UofL would love to just move on and forget about all of this, the NCAA is requiring them to list the vacated wins and reasons for their probation in their media guides, electronic and digital media plus institutional, conference and NCAA archives. They must also link a description of the violations, probation and the NCAA's report on their main webpage ( for the next four years.
"The institution's statement must: (i) clearly describe the infractions; (ii) include the length of the probationary period associated with the infractions case; and (iii) provide a clear indication of what happened in the infractions case. A statement that refers only to the probationary period with nothing more is not sufficient."

5. UofL has to remove all mention of the vacated wins

UofL must also remove any mention of the vacated wins throughout their facilities. The wins will also be deducted from Pitino's win total.
"Any public reference to these vacated contests shall be removed from athletics department stationery, banners displayed in public areas and any other forum in which they may appear. Any trophies or other team awards attributable to the vacated contests shall be returned to the Association."
The Yum Center is definitely going to need some redecorating:

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