Five Things We Learned From UK Football's First 2019 Depth Chart

Nick Roushabout 2 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


The Kentucky football team finally has a depth chart. After scanning through the two-deep, we've learned a little bit more about UK's roster entering the 2019 season. 1. Only one "Or." I am shocked, SHOCKED the only "or" on this depth chart is between Kavosiey Smoke and Chris Rodriguez, especially when so much uncertainty swirled around the secondary entering the preseason. 2. Echols is a Two.  Even though he might be the best pass coverage cornerback on the roster, a hamstring injury forced the field corner to miss a significant amount of snaps in the preseason. I expect him to get more and more reps as the season progresses. 3. We have a Nickel. Tyrell Ajian and Jordan Griffin will be juggling the role formerly occupied by Mike Edwards and Davonte Robinson. Griffin has the experience and length, where Ajian excels in coverage, making him the first to cover Toledo's slot receivers. The two should be pretty interchangeable throughout the season. 4. Five True Freshmen in the Two-Deep. It's only four if you exclude long snapper Cade Degraw. Jared Casey and MJ Devonshire were expected to make an impact, but Taj Dodson and DeMarcus Harris' appearance come as a surprise. Each player enrolled early, but Moe Douglass, not Dodson, was the freshman safety who received most of the offseason attention. Michael Smith made a point to single out Harris on more than one occasion. The spring semester likely gave him just enough of a leg up to beat out Tae Tae Crumes for the coveted two-spot at Z before Isaiah Epps returns from injury. 5. Only One Kick Returner? I'm not buying it. Ideally, Bowden is catching every single one, but that's a lot of ground to cover. Expect Devonshire to get into the action throughout the year. [mobile_ad]

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