Floodgates have opened for Kentucky Football Recruiting in 2022 Class

Nick Roushabout 1 year


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[caption id="attachment_313237" align="alignnone" width="1242"] @jacksonsmithh27
[/caption] Kentucky football recruiting turned up a few notches overnight. Beginning at 12:01 am ET on Sept. 1, college coaches gained the ability to directly contact players in the class of 2022 who will compete this fall as high school juniors. Up until today, players had to be the ones to initiate contact with college coaches. The class of 2022 is a big one in the Commonwealth. Up to a dozens juniors will play power five football. UK has already extended scholarships to half of those players. To begin the contact period, they sent out #2Legit2Quit graphics to members of the 2022 class, like Boyle County kicker/punter Jackson Smith and Owensboro quarterback Gavin Wimsatt. https://twitter.com/GavinWimsatt/status/1300795749119205377?s=20 Outside of the state, UK assistant coaches are using this opportunity to extend scholarship offers. Vince Marrow had the honor to give one to Elijah Brown, the No. 11 tight end in the 2022 recruiting class, who plays at Wayne High School outside of Dayton, the alma mater of one Ahmad Wagner. https://twitter.com/eb_knows/status/1300798574419214343?s=20 Similar to the loophole Jack Pilgrim discussed regarding Jai Lucas, the COVID recruiting style now gives Kentucky's coaching staff the ability to host all high school juniors on virtual visits. Today was the first day to make an impression, but rest assured the staff will stay busy on the phones as the season opener draws near.

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