Florida fans at it again with #UKHateWeek

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


I'm not even mad about this, it's kind of funny. Last year, Florida fans put together the #UKHateWeek Twitter campaign leading up to their game against the Cats in Lexington only to be walloped by 20 points. This year, they're at it again. Here's a sampling of their top #UKHateWeek tweets, with a little bit of commentary, just because I can't help it: Sigh. Let's not go there. 8 > 2. Hey Gators, just two titles ever? That's really cute. By my count, Kentucky has 21 players currently in the NBA. Florida has 11: Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards) Matt Bonner (San Antonio Spurs) Corey Brewer (Denver Nuggets) Udonis Haslem (Miami Heat) Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks) David Lee (Golden State Warriors) Vernon Macklin (Detroit Pistons) Mike Miller (Miami Heat) Joakim Noah (Chicago Bulls) Chandler Parsons (Houston Rockets) Marreese Speights (Cleveland Cavaliers) This is close, but from top to bottom, I think you have to give the edge to the Cats. Florida's best are Horford, Noah, Bonner, Beal, Haslem, and yes, David Lee. Kentucky's best (up for debate) are Rondo, Wall, Knight, Cousins, Prince, Davis, MKG, Patterson, Bledsoe, Meeks...I could go on and on, but you get the point. Ex-Cats > Ex-Gators. How original, an incest joke. Yes, he was just an honorary colonel, named such by Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon in 1935, but I bet you still eat his chicken. That's just kind of rude. What did Ashley do to you except provide decent action/adventure/thriller movies in the late 90's? Oh dear, he sealed his fate on this one. Check in on the latest #UKHateWeek tweets by clicking here.

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