Florida honoring 1993 team tomorrow because of course
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Florida honoring 1993 team tomorrow because of course

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


One of Kentucky’s most painful losses to Florida happened in 1993, so, it’s only fitting that the Gators will honor that team during tomorrow night’s game.

As part of their silver-anniversary celebration, the 1993 Florida team will be introduced between the first and second quarters. Steve Spurrier, the Gators’ coach then and an ambassador for the program now, just can’t wait to hug his boys:

I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that those highlights start with Danny Wuerffel’s throw to Chris Doering to beat Kentucky, or that this reunion is taking place during the Kentucky game.

In an interview with 1010XL Radio in Jacksonville earlier this week, Doering, now with the SEC Network, admitted even he felt bad for Kentucky last year after the Cats let a monumental victory slip away.

“I’ve been forced to take a little bit more unbiased look at it, doing the TV stuff, and I got to be honest with you, I feel for the Kentucky fans,” Doering said. “Last year they had Florida on the ropes. A Florida team that was not very good on the ropes and they chose not to cover a wide receiver two separate times and it ultimately cost them the game.

“I do feel for them, but obviously as a Florida alum I hope the streak continues, but it’s like walking by a roulette machine, where they are showing all the blacks in a row and you put your money up there thinking it has to be red sooner or later. That’s the feeling I have, I just hope it doesn’t happen this weekend.”

Well, I hope it does, especially since the entire 1993 team will have a front row seat.


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