Florida Lost Almost $1million on Sugar Bowl. Who's to Blame?

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
SadFloridaFanIsSad His sadness gives me strength. News broke last week that the esteemed Florida Gators, who (allegedly) love themselves some football, maybe don't even like it enough to make sure their school breaks even in the postseason.  Apparently, despite the trappings of a destination BCS Bowl game in New Orleans, the University of Florida was unable to sell all of its seventeen-and-a-half thousand tickets, and took an $840,000 hit right to the baby-maker wallet.  In fact, the Sugar Bowl brought in fewer fans than the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham.  Bir.  Ming.  Ham. What's wrong with the Sugar Bowl?  Kentucky fans would swarm that place like it was free crawdad night on Mardi Gras.  It's a BCS game, the SEC's top destination (after the championship game, of course), and it's played in Blue New Orleans (can't really call it that in January... yet).  It seems like a perfect way to unload some overpriced tickets on your supposedly fervent fanbase.  And yet, the Gators had to chomp, and swallow, a big loss.  Why? Of the reasons CBS Sports lists in its report, one in particular stands out.
Despite all the victories, the Gators were never an exciting offensive team, the Sugar Bowl was played on a week night, and despite the Strong connection, few Florida fans would call Louisville a marquee opponent.
Uh-oh.  Apparently Florida has Louisville to blame for not being able to sell out its ticket allotment.  For a team that's used to playing every week against the Alabamas, LSUs, and Georgias of the SEC, the Big East's premier squad is not exactly a big draw.  Let's be fair: Louisville won that game.  Maybe if Florida had some fans show up, that would have made a difference.  Probably not, but you never know.  That said, it's fun because this is essentially an insult to both teams.  Florida fans didn't care enough to show up to their own BCS Bowl game, which their team lost.  And Louisville takes part of the blame for its opponent not taking the event seriously. Safe to say, with Kentucky hosting 50,000+ for its Spring Game, I don't think 17.5k would be difficult to sell for a BCS game.  Maybe that's just me.  And UK's not even a "football school."  What's your excuse, Florida?

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