Florida's Dominique Easley isn't a fan of the south

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Florida senior Dominique Easley, a Staten Island native, isn't a fan of the south. Not even a little bit. The Gator defensive lineman told the Gainesville media today, "Me and the south don't mix." "It's like another country to me," he added. Easley said he never wants to visit Kentucky other than when he is playing in a football game. He doesn't enjoy any SEC town, for that matter. When reminded that he chose to play in the SEC, Easley said, "That's what you think." Then how did Urban Meyer get him to Florida, asks Jason Lieser of the The Palm Beach Post? "You ain't never gettin' that outta me." Well, okay. Dominique Easley sounds like a terrific person to be around. Be sure to give him a warm Kentucky welcome on Saturday, BBN.

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