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Football Jersey Combos: Which do you want to see?

Corey Nichols07/21/13


Article written by:On3 imageCorey Nichols
FootballJerseyCombos With the gray jerseys getting leaked yesterday, seemingly all the options for the football team's garb are now officially on the table.  There might be a few surprises, but for now it looks like these four options are what we got. So, which do you like best?  Any combinations you'd like to see?  Personally, I think a blue top/white bottom would be pretty crisp.  Or any matching of blue/gray.  Plus, throw in that sleek matte black helmet from Matt Elam's pitcha, and you've got a lot of new options.  And I'd be lying if I said that an all black look would be freaking sweet.  Especially if Commonwealth blasts Back in Black at any point during the game.  That alone would be worth the price of admission. Feels like we're playing with dolls and outfits, but it's football, so it's totally fine.  I promise.

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