Football: Lessons Learned

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the point after randall cobb The Legend provides affirmation, baby.


Our friends over at the Bleacher Report has a 'Lessons Learned' wrap up of the UK/Louisville game. After a good performance from the Cats, Dan Bodner keys in on the two points everybody has concerns about: the kicking game and getting Cobb the ball. Decent read for more info about the coaching decision making process regarding Mansour. It also has a good pic of Cobb's dreamy eyes, so I'm sure at least Beisner's wife will appreciate the link.


Also, in preparation for the Hilltopper game this Saturday, give the video below a look. It is mostly Nebraska running roughshod over our less hated brethren to the west, but it will give you a good idea of what will happen Saturday. Just imagine the Nebraska players wearing blue and you'll get the idea:


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