Football Media Day Sunday Morning Wake Up

Football Media Day Sunday Morning Wake Up

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Good Morning friends! It’s one of the last lazy Sundays of summer and I don’t know about you but, I’m getting ready for cooler weather and more sports action! Whether you’re out by the pool or binge watching Game of Thrones, here’s what you need to know today:

UK Football Media Day is TODAY!

Coach Stoops and co. will take the stage at 12:30pm. We’ll have a live stream on the site and some of KSR’s finest reporters at Kroger Field to cover it. So stay tuned for that!

Matt Jones is BACK!

Uncle Matt is back in the US after a five vacation in Europe and he’ll be back on your radio TOMORROW MORNING. I have a feeling you won’t wanna miss it.

Stephen Herron, Jr is going to Michigan

The top recruit in Kentucky and one the best in country, from Louisville is going to Michigan to play football. He had an offer from Kentucky but, I don’t blame him for picking Michigan. Congrats!

Jamal Murray flew with Coach Cal

Coach Cal took some time yesterday and hung out with one of his many “sons.” He and Jamal flew from Vegas back to Lex on Coach Cal’s private jet. Man, what a tough life for both of them.

Photo Via jmglitxh27 instagram

ESPN’s wayyyy too early BPI rankings are out

And our Kentucky Wildcats are at No. 13. Wichita State is No. 1 and Louisville is No. 2.

Malik Monk did NOT watch Summer League

Since  he couldn’t play, he didn’t want to watch. This video from Jerry Tipton at explains it:

Shaq made a LaVar Ball diss track
Yes, you read that right. According to SB Nation   Shaq released a rap song Friday night titled “LaVar Ball diss track” and as much as I hate the media attention we all give to the Ball family, this son is SO important I had to share it with you all (warning: some cursing).
My favorite line is: “How you think that, Im about to spit facts, I walk in Reebok in ’92, I came out with them Shaqs”
According to Karl Towns, Saturdays are for the boys.
My favorite cat, Karl Towns took to snapchat yesterday and documented a boat trip and clubbing where he said everyone’s favorie saying from the past year: “Saturdays are for the boys”

Game of Thrones is tonight!

If you’re not watching this show you need to, only for the sole fact of being able to listen to our own Nick Roush’s “Kentucky Throne Radio” podcast the next day.

26 days until College Football Season

We’ve almost made it, guys! The wait is almost over. I can smell the burgers and buffalo chicken dip. Let’s #GoToWork


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