Football notes: Get your depth chart spot!

Thomas Beisnerabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
- Your hot UK football related Twitter talk this morning concerns the sexiest position on the field. People are all aflutter with the news that the battle for the to snap the ball to quarterback to be determined later has been narrowed to two players. And, to make it more interesting, Jake Lanefski and Matt Smith are battling for the center position like they’re middle-aged men at Porcini’s. Both players have distanced themselves from Sam Simpson and Marcus Davis, according to GI Joker. - On the quarterback scenario, Phillips said that he hopes to have it narrowed down to a top two by the end of this weekend’s scrimmage. This is not an indication that he wants to play two quarterbacks, which he apparently stressed that he was very much opposed to (according to Brett Dawson). There were rumors around the Nutter facility that the quarterbacks will fly to a remote resort Sunday morning, where Phillips will wine and dine them for a day before dismissing one of them in an emotional rose ceremony. Since producers need this contestant to return for next season, we can assume it won’t be Hartline. - On the defensive side, the man with the greatest high school action shot of all-time, Qua Huzzie, fought an injury bug.  Huzzie, who is trying to quickly and furiously catch Ronnie Sneed for the starting middle linebacker spot, was in a boot due to a blister the size of Mister Cobble. Coincidentally, that Cobble-sized blister was not cleared to practice either. Joker expects Huzzie to be back on the field by the weekend, possibly as early as tomorrow.  - As mentioned earlier, the Cats will have a scrimmage Saturday and again next week. This is where the depth chart will be determined. Well, there and the rose ceremony, of course.

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